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Fire Pits



For all your Garden Incinerator, Chimineas, Fire Pits needs… leads the way


At Garden-Incinerator we have a fantastic selection of Chimeneas, Firepits and Garden Incinerators there’s something for every garden.



Chimeneas are one of the most popular garden accessories. Creating a comfortable warm & cozy atmosphere, perfect for when you’re sat outside on a summers evening with friends and family. Discover our range of Chimeneas today

Fire Pits

Fire bowls are a popular alternative to chimeneas, offering a cozy focal point outdoors where family and friends can come together, and gather around the 360 degrees the roaring open flames of a fire pits. Discover our range of Fire Pits today.


Garden Incinerator Bin

Are you looking for hand dealing with you garden rubbish, then a garden incinerator might be for you,  A quick and easy way of dealing with your garden waste. Discover our range of garden incinerator bins today.


Outdoor Fire Accessories

As well as this we also have some amazing outdoor fire accessories for you, including Samba firelighters, kindling, lighters & fuel logs. We also have a collection of safety items to keep you safe, as well as covers to look after your outdoor fireplace when you’re not using it, so take a look today.
Whether you have a Garden Incinerator, Fire Pit or Chiminea. We have a wide range of outdoor fire accessories to cater for your needs. Whether it’s getting the fire started, keeping it burning, protecting yourself from harm or looking after your outdoor fireplace when you’re not using it.

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