Garden Incinerators: The Benefits

Benefits of Garden incinerators, they don’t just burn

Using Garden Incinerators is a quick and easy way to get rid of your garden waste, whether its perennial weeds, pruning’s, twigs, branches and even leaves.

With their enclosed design and specifically placed air vents at the base of the garden incinerators. Compared to a typical garden bonfire, garden incinerators burn at a much higher temperature – there by burning garden waste much more efficiently & producing less smoke.

Not only are you able to deal with the garden waste quicker and produce less smoke but the ash produced can be really useful around your garden.

Garden Incinerators

Have you ever given your compost vitamins?

Do you sprinkle ash on to your compost?

You may not know – but ash is great at helping you maintain a healthy compost bin.

One of the main reason for compost not breaking down effectively is because of acidic conditions – due to lawn grass.

Worms & other micro organisms that help digest and break down the compost don’t like the acidic conditions. As an natural alkaline agent, ash will naturally neutralize the compost. Helping out the little fellas get on with the work.

Thou shall not pass

There are, however, a couple of common garden pests that really don’t like garden incinerators ash…

…the pesky garden slug & snail.

Again because of the natural alkalinity of ash, it’s rather quiet caustic to these guys and with its powdery texture it acts as desiccant; and dries them up too. Two things neither of these pests like – this means ash makes the perfect barrier to protect your prized plants.

Eat all you ash and grow up to be big and strong

That’s not the only benefit, ash particularly from young wood, such as prunings contain high levels of potassium.

A key nutrient, potassium is needed in the wood ripening process and is therefore very important with flowering and fruiting and can also help protect against frost or insect damage.

Garden incinerators can not only help you in the garden by getting rid of garden rubbish, but its good to know that the ash can be used to help the growth and protection of plants and flowers.

Don’t a make a nuisance of yourself and find out about garden incinerator laws