Best Fire Bin for the space deprived

No room for a fire bin or garden incinerator bin

Do you have garden rubbish that builds up every year, your garden rubbish bin fills up too quickly and you hate having to make special trip to the local tip. Burning would be great, getting rid of it nice & quickly and you can use those ashes around your garden. But you have one major problem you just don’t have the room in your shed or garage where you can store a fire bin or garden incinerator.

No room for a fire bin

No room for a fire bin

If there’s one issue that can be a problem and your low on space, it’s where can I store a garden incinerator when I’m not using it. It’s something that you’ll probably use several times a year and as useful as they are you don’t particularly want to have to see a great big galavanised incinerator bin sat in the corner of your garden. And I don’t blame you.

So what are your options, well the first thing to note is you have at least got some options, that’s the main thing. You’ve basically got a choice of two different types of fire bin, you’ve got your mini garden incinerator and your collapsible fire bin. And we’ve brought you a selection of some of the best incinerator bins all together. Saves you  having to root round the internet or your local garden centre, you can find them all below.

Top Fire Bin & Garden Incinerator choices for those with little storage space


Mini Garden Incinerator, ideal for those small gardening tasks or getting rid of personal letters & documents, or just don’t have the room to store it – this 15ltr small garden incinerator is well made and easy to store.



Easy to assemble Fire Bin, an excellent alternative for those who want a garden incinerator but don’t have anywhere to store. Well now you can with the easy to assemble folding Fire Bin.


Parasene Flat Pack Fire Bin, say goodbye to  your garden rubbish with this handy fire bin. Designed and manufactured in the UK, its compact flat-pack design makes it easy to transport and store.




Kingfisher Square Galvanised Steel  Fire Bin, this sturdy incinerator bin is ideal to for dealing with all wooden prunings. Made from galvanised steel it comes flat packed in box.



If you don’t see anything that catches your eye, don’t forget to check out our most popular garden incinerator and fire bins here.