Burning garden waste why its good

Dealing with garden waste

A lot of Garden waste can be produced from you average garden throughout the year from falling leaves and grass cuttings. Throw in some Trees, shrubs and hedges and you’re just adding to that pile of garden waste.

Most local authorities throughout the UK provide special bins to collect you garden waste. And for those that don’t have this type of collection you can always take the garden waste down to your local recycling centre.

burning garden waste

Why take it out of your garden?

You may not think it but that garden waste is actually useful.

All that garden waste is actually packed full of key nutrients, everything a growing garden needs, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. As they help promote the growth of flowers and fruit, act as a buffer for acidic or alkaline maintains a balanced pH for you soil, suppress plant diseases.

There are two ways of getting these key nutrients into your garden either composting or burning garden waste.

As compost is a nutrient-rich food product for your garden and will help improve soil, maintain moisture levels, and keeps your soil’s pH balance in check while helping to fend off any plant diseases. But the process of composting can be a long one; as a minimum it could be more than 6 months before it is useable, depending on what you put in the compost it could be a year or two.

The other option is burning garden waste. As an ash it is a concentrate of essential nutrients and only needs to be used in small amounts. In addition to helping flowering and fruit growth, fighting off diseases,and a pH buffer agent it can be used a pest deterrent for slugs and snails. Furthermore this a quicker process as once you burn your garden waste all you need do is collect the ashes and use it when needed.

Your garden will love it!

Burning garden waste

Burning garden waste, whats the best way.

You can have a traditional bonfire, but collecting the ashes is difficult to say the least. What you need is something that you can burn garden waste. And which collects the ashes, what you need is an incinerator bin.

Incinerator bins burn garden waste at very high temperatures quickly and efficiently. And fire bins are incredibly simple to use.

Garden incinerators are very similar in looks to a traditional bin. Set on three legs, garden incinerators have a silvery appearance due to their galvanized weather protecting layer. Holes on the side of the incinerator bin help the air to circulate. This allows the fire to burn efficiently. The lid has a built in chimney lid to keep the heat in, so that it burns at very high temperature.

What you can and cannot burn

You don’t want to burn everything and anything. and the fact is you can’t either.

You can’t for instance burn;

  • Oil or tyres
  • Petrol or other flammable material
  • Household refuse, plastics, foam, polystyrene or aerosol cans

As they can produce dangerous fumes in addition to the thick smoke.

Burning garden waste is the only thing you want to be burning, prunnings, leaves and weeds e.t.c.

Producing smoke can be classed as being a nuisance. which could result in a fine from your local authority. for more information check out this link on garden incinerator laws.