Choosing the best garden incinerator

By now you’ll appreciate  that a garden incinerator is a really great solution when it comes to getting rid garden rubbish fast. But what should you be looking for in a garden incinerator when it comes to getting one yourself. Check out the guide below – as we list some of the key features to be aware of when choosing the best garden incinerator.

Garden Incinerator

Top 5 features that all the best garden incinerators have…

Garden bonfires can be difficult to light, usually set on your garden – so the ground will get scorched  open to the elements

In fact your typical garden bonfire is almost the polar opposite to a garden incinerator which is – easier to light, faster to burn, considerably more controllable &  safer to use. Plus you won’t end up with a  cremated lawn afterwards.

And this is all down to the way the incinerator has been built & the small but key designs that have been built into them. Here are top 5 things you’ll want to look for when looking for the best garden incinerator:

  • Holes, a series of holes on the lower sides of the incinerator bin to encourage air flow
  • Legs, to ensure the bottom of the incinerator bin is raised from the ground to prevent scorching of the ground as well as encouraging air flow
  • A lid, this is to help retain the heat with in the incinerator bin & a small chimney to aid air flow
  • Galvanised coating, this protective zinc coating helps prevent the garden incinerator from rusting.
  • Handles, garden incinerators can be awkward things to lift – handles really do make moving the bin around your garden so much easier

There are a great variety of garden incinerator available to buy. Though the best all round garden incinerator in our opinion has to be the 90ltr galvanised incinerator bin  – it comes with all the above features, and is  readily available for under twenty pounds.

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