Fire bin at the ready, the gardening big bang is coming!

Spring is coming

Spring isn’t far away now, and as we start to come out of winter, natures big bang moment will start. It only comes around once a year. But with spring comes the spring bulbs erupting from the ground, tree blossoms exploding and flowering shrubs unfolding as our gardens awaken from their winter sleep and burst into life.

fire bin for springtime

So now’s the time to start preparing, so that perfect moment is not ruined by unsightly weeds popping up. And using a fire bin is a great way to deal with all that unwanted garden rubbish that’s going to build up.

Here’s three top tips to to keeping those pesky weeds on the back foot;

Moisturise mulch

Dry bare soil is the biggest come on for weeds to setup home and take root. By covering the soil with a layer of mulch, you help the soil retain high levels of moisture,  improving the fertility and health of the soil which can help prevent future weeds from growing.

Loosen up your soil

Hoeing is a great way to break up the soil and loosen the weeds.Ideally hoeing is best done when the perennial weeds are only just emerging shoots. This allows shallow hoeing to kill the weeds without bringing new seeds to the surface. Shallow hoeing of about 2-4 inches also reduces damaging the roots of your garden plants.

A weed a day, keeps the weeds away

How many hours have you spent back to back in the garden on weeding alone. I shudder to think what my total would be,and yet the truth of the matter is you don’t need to spend all that time.  Just a couple of minutes a day spent  pulling out weeds will yield the same results.

Weeding frequently and persistent prevents the weeds roots from having time to grow and take root, making the whole job that much easier.  Then once your finished, you can burn them using a fire bin. Unlock all that goodness contained in them and put their ashes to good use.

Every gardener wants to keep the momentum going through spring until the end of the summer, to do that you’ll want to put a plan ahead so that  you do the right things at the right time.


Plan your spring offensive

Spring is one of the busiest times for any budding gardener so to help you along here’s a few things to keep in mind throughout the spring season, from the very beginning to the end. Get out your fire bin cause things are about to get busy.


The start of spring

• Prune your roses
• Tidy borders, weed and mulch with compost or manure
• Lift and separate your herbaceous perennials

Midway through

• Start mowing the lawn regularly and don’t forget to apply lawn weed and feed
• Now’s the perfect time to plant new roses, trees, shrubs and perennials
• Feed specimen trees, roses, shrubs and hedges and setup beds and borders, with a multi purpose organic fertilizer

Nearing the end of spring

• Prune spring-flowering shrubs after flowering
• Trim box hedges
• Take cuttings from new growth of your shrubs and perennials


Grab a fire bin and shame you neighbours

Springtime is were most of your garden waste comes from throughout the entire gardening calendar. Why not grab yourself a fire bin commonly known as a garden incinerator. They’re a great way to deal with initial garden waste, your prunings quickly and the ashes contain a vital source of potassium.

All the more reason to burn them with a fire bin so you can collect and use the potassium rich ash around your garden. Give your bulbs, hanging baskets and flowering shrubs an extra dose of vitamins, and be the envy of the street as you put your neighbours gardens to shame.

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