How to light a Fire Pit

Do you want to know how to light a Fire Pit?

It is not at all complicated as you might think….

As this easy guide will take you through step by step how to simply, and safely, light your fire pit.

All you have to is scroll down.

What you’ll learn

  • What you need to get started
  • How to set up your Fire Pit
  • How to get a roaring fire started

Shall we get started and take a look at how to get that fire started…

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What you will need

Once you have everything all you need to do now is follow these 4 easy steps and you will have a lovely open roaring fire that you can enjoy with family & friends.

Step 1 Setting up Your FirePit

The first thing you’ll want to start with is the assembly of your fire pit.

Assembly is fairly straightforward and generally only needs the legs fitting to the fire bowl. More often it will come with assembly instructions to help you put it together.

Once you’ve got it assembled you’re going to want to find a nice level place, preferably away from any overhanging trees and branches. And anything else that could be a potential fire hazard or be damaged by heat, such as decking.

Step 2 Fire It Up

Using Seasoned Wood

Place two wooden logs either side of each other with about a 15cm gap between them into the fire bowl.

Loosely crumple up the newspaper and then place it between the two logs.

Then add another two logs, placing them across the top the two you have already put in the fire bowl. Creating a little chimney.

Taking a few pieces of kindling place them inside the chimney, on top of the newspaper.

Once you have done this you can light the newspaper with your lighter or matches.

Using Fuel Logs

In this case, you can just add a couple of fuel logs to your fire pit and light them either end of the log.

Step 3 Keep the Fires Burning

Add additional logs or fuel logs throughout the evening to maintain the fire, and always use the heat resistant gloves.

Step 4 The Important Part

And one last thing…

Enjoy yourself!

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