How to use a Garden Incinerator

Do you want to know how to use a garden incinerator?  I can do it so it really can’t be that hard and to be honest it’s straight forward. And whether you’ve got a garden incinerator or your just curious this easy guide will take you through step by step on how to use a garden incinerator.

What you’ll learn

  • What you need to get started
  • How to set up your Bin
  • How to get you Garden Incinerator Bin going

So scroll down and let us get started…

and say bye bye to all that garden rubbish.

how to use a garden incinerator

What you will need

Got everything…

Super –  all you need to do now is follow these 4 easy steps and its goodbye to all that garden rubbish that’s been building up.

Step 1 Setting Up the Incinerator Bin

The first thing you’ll want to start with is the assembly of your garden incinerator.

Assembly is fairly straightforward & generally only needs the legs fitting to the bin part. More often it will come with assembly instructions to help you put it together and usually requires a philips head screw driver.

Once you’ve got it assembled you’re going to want to find a nice level place, preferable away from any overhanging tress and branches. And anything else that could be a potential fire hazard or be damaged by heat.

Step 2 Lighting a garden incinerator

With everything in place.

The next step is to light the incinerator.

To ignite the incinerator you’ll need to start by removing the lid. Place lightly scrunched up newspaper at the bottom of the incinerator bin; layer some small dry twigs across the top.

Rolling a length of newspaper,using the matches light the length of newspaper and insert into one of the airflow holes at the bottom of the incinerator bin. Replace the lid of the incinerator bin & allow the fire to take hold.

Step 3 Burning garden waste

Wait for the initial start-up smoke to die down.

Once that’s happened it is usually a good indication that the incinerator is up to temperature. Wearing the heat resistant gloves remove the lid. And start to add your garden waste.

You may have a fair amount to burn & you may be tempted to add all at once but don’t – as you risk smoothing the fire especially if your burning leaves or grass.

Just take your time.

When you’ve put sufficient garden waste in, replace the lid to keep the heat in & allow to burn. Keep repeating until you’ve burnt all you garden waste.

Step 4 Emptying the incinerator

All done…

Finished burning your garden rubbish?

You’ll probably want to empty it before putting it away. First thing to do before you empty the ashes from the incinerator; check that the fire is out and that the incinerator is sufficiently cool before you handle it.

Removing the lid will help the garden incinerator to cool off; don’t forget to wear your gloves when you remove the lid.Once the incinerator has cooled down, you can empty the ash from the garden incinerator.

Don’t throw the ash away as it will come in handy throughout the gardening year. Instead put it in a seal-able container, to keep it dry. That way you’ve always got it on hand then, when you need it.

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